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  • Tuesday ,29 April 2014

4 in 1

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,29 April 2014

4 in 1

Dr. Alaa Sadik, anchor and big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that four things prevent reconciliation between the state and the Muslim Brotherhood. Those things according to him are: the martyrs, the blood, the injured and the tortured. In fact he could have just said “the blood” instead of making them four! Yet, he has been very interested in talking and talking ignoring to make his sentences any shorter since he has changed his career from sports anchor to a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist as well.

However, he just hit the nail on the head and said the right thing as bloodshed can’t really be ignored. Therefore, the terrorists and killers of police men and soldiers and even civilians. Furthermore, they have burned and looted many churches and police stations.
We can’t reconcile with the Muslim Brotherhood who tortured and killed many innocent people at Tahrir Square as well as Rabaa Adawia and Nahda so-called peaceful sit-ins. Moreover, they have injured and killed many people in exploding Dakahlia Security Directorate.
Furthermore, they have killed many innocent people in their so-called peaceful demonstrations like Mary George, Mayada Ashraf and others whom they have dragged their bodies and distorted them in the streets. There are some doctors who killed their patients to cover up for the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood!
Dear Alla, watch your language as what you say may condemn you and your terrorist group first as you have specialized recently in justifying and inciting killing and terrorization, promising more and more!