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  • Wednesday ,30 April 2014

Salafist dream between reality and nightmare

By-Ashraf Helmy By-Ashraf Helmy

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Wednesday ,30 April 2014

Salafist dream between reality and nightmare

Salafists have the right to dream about the Islamic caliphate as the Muslim Brotherhood did for eighty years, which was achieved at the hands of military council led by Field Marshal Tantawi, support by America and financed by Qatari money. They even shared power with the Muslim Brotherhood after January 25, 2011.

Soon, this dream of the Muslim Brotherhood has turned into a nightmare that the Egyptian people decided to put an end to on June 30, 2013. Then, the Salafists decided to continue what the Muslim Brotherhood had started. 
Unfortunately, people don’t realize the aim of such aid, which is to support the Salaifsts. Sheikh Borhami, Salafi prominent leader, imposed Islamic article on Egypt's constitution, and put a plan to restructure of Al-Azhar according to their will.
Undoubtedly, the presence of Mr. Amr Moussa, in the campaign of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would affect al-Sisi so badly giving his suspicious relationship with Islamists and other candidates. Furthermore, the Salafists described al-Sisi as hypocrite after he congratulated the Copts on Easter, which is prohibited according to the Salafists. 
Borhami, who said that Easter is the worst feast of the infidel Copts, has also issued fatwa claiming that a husband should leave his wife be raped if he knows that he would get killed if he defends her. He had also said a husband doesn’t have the right to judge his wife betrays him even if he sees her naked with a stranger. He can only do so if he witnesses sexual intercourse!
Giving such fatwas, Egyptian soldiers should abandon their land occupied if they know they will be killed defending it!
I wonder: will the Salafis be able to achieve their plan, and control the upcoming parliament? Or the Egyptians will turn such dream to nightmare for the Salafis!