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  • Thursday ,01 May 2014

America controlling Egypt

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,01 May 2014

America controlling Egypt

Since 2005, the USA started planning with Zionism to the so-called revolutions of the Arab Spring, in response to September 11, 2001 attacks, and hoping to prevent further terrorist attacks.

It has used political Islamic regimes to carry out this plans in Tunisia , Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen aiming to divide these countries and make them suffer. 
After the United States and Zionism empowered the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist Mohamed Morsy to be the president of Egypt, the Egyptian people decided after one year to remove them from power and restore their country on June 30, 2013.  
However, America decided to eliminate this Egyptian popular movement using its agents of intellectuals and youth movements, human rights organizations..etc. Therefore, many agents were planted in the presidency like Mostafa Hegazy, Mohamed Meslimany, and Essam Heggy. It's amazing that the president is still having them running his office. El Baradei has also played an important role in Egypt as an American agent after Morsy's ouster in July 3, 2013.
Mohammed Mustafa El Baradei and his associates were planted as well in the new government headed by Hazem Beblawi and other ministers who worked on destroying Egypt and its government. Only the minister of religious endowments has been fighting such American recipe to destroy Egypt.
In fact, America has also used Amr Moussa to pass the constitution that they wanted. Only the Egyptian army is watching and intervening at the right time to save the country supported by the Egyptian people who adore their army and trust it very much.