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  • Friday ,02 May 2014

This upcoming moment

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Friday ,02 May 2014

This upcoming moment

In the coming few days the Egyptian expats will elect the new president, which will be the most important election for Egypt. It’s important because Egyptians need stability. It’s important because Egyptians are seeking security after three years of being tired and in fear. It’s important because the West and the Muslim Brotherhood are waiting for Egypt to fail.


Some expats may say it’s not important to elect this time, but on the contrary, I believe this is the most important election that the expat should go and participate in. The point is not to elect or not elect, the issue is that the number of people voting should be huge to prove to the Western countries that the 30th of June was real and not fake. 


I know that many expats are busy and might not be free to go and vote, but I encourage all of them to go and vote because this is the future of Egypt and if you didn’t save this future, the country might be lost. 


I have no need to repeat the importance of this election, but I want to repeat that Egypt is calling you to save it from being trapped in hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. There is still a chance to raise your flag and go to do your duty towards your country, even if you are away. 


I hope all expats listen to these words and don’t neglect them. It might be that  you dont care because you are living abroad, but you should care because of your relatives there.