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  • Friday ,02 May 2014

Hundreds of the MB are sentenced to death including the General Guide

Magdi George

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Friday ,02 May 2014

Hundreds of the MB are sentenced to death including the General Guide

Judge Said Youssef Mohammed, head of Minya Criminal Court, has sentenced 528 defendants who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood to death penalty. Egypt's Mofty has approved, according to the Egyptian law, to sentence only 37 to death penalty for killing police officers and destroying Matay police station.

However, the same court sentenced 628 of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Mohammed Badie, the General Guide of the group, to death penalty for killing a police officer and 8 people  after setting Adwa police station on fire.
In fact, such rulings may not be put into action for many reasons, but it was already issued against many terrorists and criminals who deserve it. Yet, many people commit crimes against the Coptic Christians, and are not even being judged.
For example, in al-Kush, 23 Coptic Christians were killed, including elders, women and children, and their houses were looted. Yet, all criminals were almost acquitted. The hardest judgment was 15 years in prison for the possession of an unlicensed gun. 
It was not the only crime against the Copts that the criminals are simply acquitted because there was too many of them in crime scene! If our judiciary is so steadfast, why hasn't it protected the Copts or judged their killers?
I'm not happy to find hundreds of those who treated us badly while still in power being sentenced to death when some innocent people are being judged with them, and on the other had we can find many criminals who are free to kill the Copts without trials!
Since our great judiciary hasn't hesitated to sentence the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and many others to death penalty for killing one police officer, it should have sentenced more people for killing hundreds of the Copts! It shouldn't have issued such verdicts for being supported by the state, but rather for defending the truth and rights of innocent victims. 
I wonder: when will the state start supporting the rights of the Coptic Christians in Egypt?