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  • Tuesday ,06 May 2014

No wonder that they insult and curse Christianity!

By-Ibrahim Saleh

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Tuesday ,06 May 2014

No wonder that they insult and curse Christianity!

Those who hate Christianity are in fact unable to understand it. The first fact that they don't grasp is that Christianity doesn't hesitate to forgive the aggressors. It doesn't encourage violence, but rather peace and love.

The second fact is that Christianity is in fact no religion. God doesn't have multi willings, but one that never changes. Therefore, Christianity doesn't force the believers to follow certain rules, but brings the good news and invite all people to reconcile with Christi, their savior. It's rather life and freedom.
Translations of the holy books have committed great mistake as they pointed out to actions taken by people to please God instead of God working through us and dwelling among the people. 
Throughout history, people didn't realize these facts about Christianity. Thus, they only tried to provoke the Christians trying to make them lose their peace or even mind!
Such poor people have been trying to find a reason for their evil, that they think is pleasing to their God! They must have not heard about the loving God who sacrificed Himself to save humans.
In fact, history reveals such fact about the love of peaceful Christians being returned hatred and killing. No wonder that they insult and curse! Yet, we should bless them and excuse them as they don't know what they do!