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  • Thursday ,08 May 2014

Contempt of Christianity to escape death penalty

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,08 May 2014

Contempt of Christianity to escape death penalty

Has the Egyptian judiciary decided to support the Salafis like the former regime of the Muslim Brotherhood had done? In fact, the Coptic Christians have always been the victims of such support during all former regimes under the auspices of Ministry of Interiors. 

After Salafist Sheikh Brhamy increased his attacks on Christians, by insulting and calling them infidels. Yet, the Egyptian judiciary as well as the government supported and protected such people who have been incited sectarian hatred. In fact, similar Sheikh known as Abu Islam was sentenced to only 6 months in prison and 10 thousands LE bail for burning the holy bible, contempt of Christianity and disturb of public peace. 
It's funny that this Egyptian judiciary that issued such light verdict against Abu Islam suddenly decided to sentence hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death penalty for hurting and killing the Muslim Egyptians. How about the Christian Egyptians? It's worth mentioning that a Coptic Christian teacher named Gemiana Abdul Nour was bailed 100.000 LE for being accused of contempt of Islamic religion, which was incited by some fanatics. 
Does this indicate the Egyptian judiciary is still serving the government and its best friends like the Salafis? It's clear that the same judiciary that served the Muslim Brotherhood is still offering its best to the Salafis and giving great opportunity to sectarian strife in Egypt.    
It's funny that the Attorney General has referred 102 Islamic defendants to trials last Thursday on charges of attacking Coptic Churches and properties last August. It's amazing that he waited till right before the presidential elections to do so. I wonder when he will refer Sheikh Borhamy to trial for insulting the Copts and inciting against them. Will he order investigations to the kidnapping of many Christians, especially Coptic minor girls?
Many indications after the revolution of June 30 show a deal between the Salafist movement and the Egyptian government. If so, the revolution should fail and another one is expected soon. Such suspicious relationship between the Islamists and the government has but failed throughout history in Egypt.