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  • Friday ,09 May 2014

Power cut hurting the Egyptians

By-Refaat Younan Aziz

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Friday ,09 May 2014

Power cut hurting the Egyptians

Many successive governments in Egypt contributed to the pain and suffering of the Egyptians all over Egypt. Upper Egypt has been suffering the most since many national companies have been privatized. However, the poor citizens have suffered extreme poverty and became even more needy.

Many problems are surrounding those citizens including the subsidized bread that each family get 7 bad loaves of. It's became harder and harder to get gas cylinders that are not filled properly.  
Furthermore, while our children study for the exams, the power cut is adding to their pain, as they can't study in the darkness. In certain villages, the power is cut thrice a day, while other cities doesn't suffer such pain in the neck.
It's time to solve such problems that caused too much burden on the people who can't stand darkness anymore.