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  • Monday ,12 May 2014

Arts and Creativity

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,12 May 2014

Arts and Creativity

I spoke and wrote more than an article about arts, mainly motivated by a decision or movie I saw, today's motivation is a YOUTUBE clip of Amr Adib furiously attacking a movie that is still under evaluation and wether to be allowed or not as per honorable PM Eng. Mehleb instructions!

This is the second time I talk about this issue but before I start talking I need to make the following points crystal clear:- 
1. I'm not defending / attacking this movie or a movie
2. Nor am I Discussing the point of view of a producer, director or the crew cast of a movie! 
3. I have not seen that movie, Amr Adib was attacking, and never heard of Safinaz or Sofinor -whatever her name is- and till that moment never seen her before! However, I heard that the movie taken from a movie that I did see!
4. I'm discussing general issues in arts, and movie's actors in general, plus the critics of Amr Adib with all due respect to him.
Having said all of the above, I can say, as I heard, that movie is taken from an Italian movie I saw it, Marlena, but Italians in general are great lovers, and midnight TV for adults means X-rated shows, in contradiction with French TV that at most will allow a rated R movie or PG -Parental Guid ness-. Therefore Marlena movie for Italians is just a realistic movie discussing real life issues not offensive to children -not allowed to watch- and under parental control being PG as for R this does not mean encouraging pedophilia when a teenager is involved in sex with adults it is just a realistic issue, which of us Men or Women did not fall in love with his teacher when teenager or just realized there is a new dimension in life called SEX at whatever age he/she realized that 10-15 or more! Otherwise stating if the 13 years old boy falls in love with his mature female neighbor does this classify him as a pedophile? If his mature neighbor realizes this love of a teenager under age does it make him/her a pedophile? Even in a moment of weakness he/she allowed sexual relationship does it mean he/she is pedophile, who is without a sin cast the first stone!
Let me put it more clear, a pedophile is according to wikipedia  is a person 16 years of age or older who is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to children who have not begun puberty (girls 10 years old or less, and boys 11 year old or less, on average).The prepubescent child must be at least five years younger than the person in the case of adolescent pedophiles before the attraction can be diagnosed as pedophilia.
Medically, this condition is called "pedophilia" and is classified by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder. Some people with pedophilia have sex with cchildren or use children in a sexual way. This is defined as "child sexual abuse" because children are defined to be unable to truly agree to sexual acts with an adult. Some adults have pedophilic feelings but do not act by sexually abusing children. Some adults who are not pedophiles commit sexual abuse against children.
Because children in general are powerless society and laws protect them and keeps close eye on their protection in this issue, worldwide!
The movie Marlena has not been banned or branded as a pedophile or encouraging pedophilia although a teenager has sexual dreams with an adult! The actress was not classified as a pedophile accepting to act sexual scenes with a teenager - Important Note the teenager might as well be an adult who acts as a teenager! - it all falls under the name of ARTS and CREATIVITY!
What is art?
Under the name of arts fall several categories but first let us seek what is its definition in wikipedia:- The arts are a large part of culture, and the word means much more than "art". The arts include visual arts, literary arts (i.e. books and other writings) and performing arts (i.e. music, dance, drama).
Sometimes, in universities, it is shorthand for a wider group of subjects which are properly called the humanities. These include philosophy, theology, literature, languages, and history AS well.
"The arts" are usually contrasted with "The sciences".
To categorize the most common arts let us say:-
Visual arts, include painting and sculptures, plus other visual that is eyes can see it as art!
Literary arts, include Poetry, Writing and this can be subcategorized as Novelist, or Critics, a journalist can just be a reporter state events, or Analyzer, analyzes events.
Performing includes all other aspects we call arts like acting, poetry reading -kind of acting- music, playing music and composing music, dancing or choreographer and so on all drama includes inside other aspects of arts making a movie includes story writing, photography, acting, could include dances and for sure music.
Having identified arts, I can say Cinema and Movies being a composite part of this art can be pure imaginary like science fiction movies and ghosts and misteries, or just a reflection of real life discussing real problems and proposing solutions or just explore their reasons. 
Now, having touched a violin, harp or blown in a flute does not make you a musician, and being able to play simple or complex pieces of music does not make you a composer just like being able to write does not mean you are a writer or can paint this requires special talent not every one has it and a lot of training! Bottom line is not any one can be an artists, even those who do appreciate arts! Art needs talents and training, This is exactly like each and most people without speech disabilities can imitate singer but very little of us can really sing; the sad part in this schools in Egypt like any other school in the world had scheduled time and lessons in painting, music, and other art activities and teachers in Egypt used to steal those hours to catch up with their own schedule in mathematics, or sciences when for personal reason or public holidays would set them back in their due corse so it become a habit to be absent, or take time off then take over those hobby hours dedicated for music or even sports to conclude their own schedule! But this were the golden years of the ministry of culture and education before being crippled in to the ministry of Education only meaning higher Education of high schools as for elementary ones kept going from bad to worst!
A last point I wish to mention about arts is the art of acting we had in the near past a miracle child called Fairouze acted and sang with R.I.P. Anouwar Wagdy the famous Egyptian Actor, she was not the only talented child the world witness before or may be same time as I do not have any documentations on Fairouze but I know and it is documented as a miracle talented girl Shirley Temple, or Shirley Temple Black (April 23, 1928 - February 10, 2014) was an American actress and television series hostess. Temple has the distinction of being the first Academy Juvenile Award recipient in 1934, born 1928 means she was just 6 years old! That was a star on acting, acting means impersonating a character, does not mean you are that character! 
After this lengthy art introduction, I'm in the point to say my points of disagreement in M. Amr Adib critics, and prior to them M. Ph.D. Okasha -with all due respect too.
I have no idea how the producer of that movie "Halawet Roh" or the beauty of a soul converted the WWII period in the original movie to which Egyptian period? Most likely my lucky guess is 2011 or the period of ousting ex-president Mubarak, and most likely the German troopers of Hitler, were substituted with our respectful police! Whatever he did I'm not discussing the movie as I said, but trying to explain the difference between acting and reality, we had seen that mix up issue recently with another actress Elham Shahin who as publicly accused with many accusations that the court said it word about them, but this is due to luck of culture and the general public tend to mix between characters on stage or the wide screen of the movie theaters, and the real personality of the actor! Moreover, the same mix happened with one of the stars in this movie, forgetting her background culture of the country of origin that is in total contradiction with our local Egyptian traditions and culture! As I watch Egyptian movies I accept the hint behind seeing a man and a woman entering a room shutting the door behind them I do not need to see them naked on a bed to understand what is going on but its art ratings go down, same if someone is taking a shower if I see his/her head wet and water goes on I do not need to see his/her whole body, however this shower scene has become almost a standard part in most movies that seek popularity through the beauty of the actors!
Now and most important, the part of the movie that this teenager dreams of having sex with the beautiful actress, no body in Europe cried misery for their children, children can not see an R-rated movie so they are still protected! And as I said it earlier acting having sex is not having real sex come on people there is a difference between acting and reality!
Freedom of opinions generates better outcome, praising the stolen revolution - or conspiracy against Egypt - over the revolution of June 30 does not mean to ban a movie just respond to the wrong events with a better movie exposing the conspiracy that put us all in this deep hole we all try to get over it for a better future to leave a good memory to our children to remain proud of what is Egypt and our efforts to bring Egypt back to its feet!
May the power of love overcome the love of power so that Egypt know peace, some hold to the whole word peace be with you all and may God keep Blessing Egypt and Egyptians.