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  • Tuesday ,13 May 2014

Great conspiracy against al-Sisi

Gergis Wahib

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Tuesday ,13 May 2014

Great conspiracy against al-Sisi

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and enemies of Egypt are spreading all over Egypt and in talk shows claiming to support Field Marshal Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, but in fact they are trying to destroy him.

Such conspiracy that failed to ruing the revolution of June 30 and return the Muslim Brotherhood to power, is now trying to weaken the participation of the people in the presidential elections in order to send a message that al-Sisi as well as the revolution are no more supported by the people. 
They try to convince the people that al-Sisi has already won the elections in order to make many people avoid participation in the elections that al-Sisi may win less electoral votes than the ousted president Mohamed Morsy, which is very dangerous indeed.
In fact, the electoral platform and advertising campaign of al-Sisi are responsible for such chaos as the campaign has just ignored Upper Egypt and millions of citizens who live there.
Furthermore, such chaos encouraged many unwanted and corrupted people to donate for al-Sisi’s advertising campaign. Such people are discouraging a lot of people to support al-Sisi because of their corruption and belonging to the dissolved Democratic National Party.
Al-Sisi has to move quickly to address Upper Egypt knowing he needs their votes. However he did a great job and saved Egypt from the terrorists, he still needs a lot of votes to win, hopefully, much more votes than what Morsy has won.
I believe he is but a great leader, like Menes, Ahmose, Talaat Harb, Gamal Abdel Nasser and Gandhi. He saved not only Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood, but also the whole world.
I hope al-Sisi realizes such conspiracy against Egypt and himself. Votes in Upper Egypt are needed, and more votes than Morsy has got. I hope no less than 30 million people will cast their votes in the presidential elections and al-Sisi may win 26 millions, the double of what Morsy has got.