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  • Tuesday ,20 May 2014

Copts are only the friends of the bridegroom

Mikhail R. Attallah

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Tuesday ,20 May 2014

Copts are only the friends of the bridegroom

This is the real role of the Copts in the elections and in their homeland, Egypt. They always feel happy for the bridegroom, but they never are the bridegroom. 

Since the days of Mubarak, the Copts choose to vote for Mubarak that he might appreciate them or allow them to build churches. They chose to act like a poor servant though they are the origin of the house!
During the elections, many people volunteer to show the Copts their love, and peace that all religions support. However, such nice emotions happen to disappear once the wedding is over, I mean the elections!
Mubarak ignored the unified law of building houses of worship for thirty years, however the Copts have always voted for him.
Field Marshal Tantawy was the leader of the army and the state at the time of Maspero massacre, which was like a bloody reward for the Copts for participating in the revolution of June 30.
Furthermore, what did the interim president Adly Mansour or Field Marshal al-Sisi do for the Copts whose churches and properties were looted and burnt? Why these churches were not rebuilt as promised by the government? How many Copts among the officials in Egypt? As servants should receive a wage, how about the origin of the house?