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  • Friday ,13 June 2014

The chair or the pain

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,13 June 2014

The chair or the pain

Muslims Brotherhood is continuing to demonstrate and clash with Egyptian and with the security. Everyday we can read or watch someone has been killed because of this demonstrations. Everyday the scene become clear to all Egyptian that the Muslims Brotherhood wanted to be in power not to be responsible.

I believe that all Egyptian had the chance to know what the Muslim Brotherhood is, without this experience in the last year Egyptian would never be able to understand that group, but the question now is until when we will keep seeing this scene in Egypt, everyday one injured or killed which engine more anger.

Egypt has no time to waste for such clashes, we have to focus on building our country, that’s why the country should be able to impose the security as first step to make a step forward and to encourage the tourists to come again to Egypt and let the businessmen come back and start their business without being afraid of what’s going to happen tomorrow.

To achieve this stability we need from the president to fast as soos as possible to achieve the roadmap that all national power put in the 3 of July, which means we need to have a new parliament that could be able to put the necessary legislations that will enable the society to see something different in the short term.

Parliament is very important arm to achieve the goals of the 25th January and 30th revolution, also the parliament will be able to supervise the government and amend its direction when its not in the right place.

Without completing the road map I believe we will not be able to go forward in the way we wanted and in the dreams that all dreamed by when we went out from our homes to achieve these goals.