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  • Wednesday ,18 June 2014

Made in Egypt

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,18 June 2014

Made in Egypt

In the Egyptian old movies, we used to see a man sitting on an expensive couch eating fruits and smoking hashish and hookah. Meanwhile, he must be watching a pretty blonde white woman dancing before he decided to enjoy nice sex with her. It was normal to cut the seen after the first kiss leaving the viewers to use their imagination and continue the scene.

In our schools, the teachers and curriculums have always taught us about women being slaves to men. Women have a lot to do in order to please man, but men have no commitment towards her!

Men and women grew up in our community watching such movies and learning such concepts. Thus, pretty blonde white women are considered sources of deviation and lust, while drugs and alcohol became sources of virility.

Even idioms are used to devote this culture of slavery. There are idiom that encourage women to be slaves for their men in order to get men's sincerity and love.

Even when a boy harasses a girl in the street, his father proudly tells him: “now, you're a man”. Yet, the girl may be accused by her father of being the reason behind such harassment by her exposing clothes and may be slapped for being harassed!! However our community claims to be religious, its culture encourages harassment indeed.