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  • Thursday ,19 June 2014

Harassment of women in Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Thursday ,19 June 2014

Harassment of women in Egypt
Harassment is a terrible crime that became more of a disease in Egypt that should be faced by the community in many ways including education and law.
We have to cure such illness by changing  educational curriculum to fight such ill concepts about women to educate the people that women are in fact our mothers, sisters and daughters that we should protect instead of tease or harass.
We should teach our children that women are so respectful in both history and religion. This should also be included in our educational curriculum.
There are many brave women in novels and history like Gamila Bouhraid, Harriet Beecher  and Larissa Reissner who struggled in order to free their people.
There were also many women among the martyrs of January 25 revolution. Furthermore, the first martyr in the revolution of  1919 was Shafika Mohamed and Samira Moussa was the first Egyptian atom scientist. 
Young children should learn about the social role of Hoda Sharawy and great writers like Qot Qoloub Dimirdashia and Aisha Timoria.
If they don't, women will always be considered a sexual arousal device that's worthless indeed. We have to change our educational curriculum to teach our children about the importance and value of women in our community and life.