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  • Monday ,23 June 2014

Streets & Children

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,23 June 2014

Streets & Children

Upon elections few weeks back as I noticed a general dismay within Egyptian youth having determined that elections was the final pre-plotted step of the so called Coup-D’états; refusing to admit that over 40 million Egyptians had revolted on 30/6/2013 and confirmed their desires time after time that they wanted back the stolen presidency sit to give it to whoever they trusted.

In a self estimate and analysis I assumed those guys who reject the idea of 30/6/2013 stand up was a revolution then they are either Muslim Brotherhood, or under their influence, or just traitors executing foreign agendas for any reason, money mainly, or ideologies fooled with from other traitors; Neglecting Muslim Brotherhood and paid traitors, I tried to analyse those mislead youth. Taking in consideration the economic and social problems that exploded in early 70’s with unexpected over population facing its consequences like mainly shown in a sharp demand of houses, what was needed exceeded the offered –regardless of the prices that jumped to the sky due to the demand- and as problems lead to problems, house demand caused raise in prices they ended in a general raise of prices creating a gap in salaries that failed to provide necessities of life and so on.
In un-organized solutions, people ended up living in family graveyards, if lucky enough to have a family graveyard, or un-organised city extensions and, or poor neighbourhoods created by self efforts over agricultural pieces of lands that by law should had been protected but as the law had and still have 100 ways around it was never really applied!
Other workaround daily life problems were seeking employment in other countries which created a new problem, illegal immigration and illegal transportation which caused many deaths when unequipped fishing boats become transport boats and overloaded causing sinking.
As we see, unexpected problems and self solutions lead from problem to problem causing more miseries and suffering, therefore what kind of loyalty was expected from people born in this situation, people born to suffer, they only saw the ugly face of this country!
I’m not too sure if we can ever gain back those lost people or if they do worth the effort but they do need specialists in how to get them and their loyalty back, however who needs real urgent attention and all possible efforts are the street children they do not represent much  of our population but as per official statistics about 60-80 thousands street children as per statistics done 2006-2008.
Street Children are children lost their houses and families live among other street children who help them survive, or just survive on their own efforts either legal like selling or begging or illegal like steeling, robbing, prostitution, and drug trafficking. Either case they do need help, they lost their families either due to parental disputes which turned their life into a hell, so they run away leaving their homes and families to a more peaceful environment. Note: - I’ll come back to this issue after exploring the other reasons to become a street child.
 Another common reason to lose your home and family is death, either one or both parents, and nobody took real care of them, following a tragic accident, until authorities move and take the necessary steps children just walk away realizing they lost their beloved parents and will never see them again they just walk away in sorrow not knowing where to go, or in best case scenario they were deposited to an orphan care institution without real care and necessary attention to a new comer, workers are surrounded with hundreds of similar cases, have no time for the sorrows and sadness of the new comer that might revive sad memories to other orphans; so no time just let us proceed name, age, sex then assign a room and a bed in it then next case! A big enough child will feel like in prison for no crime! Normal attitude to run away in the very first occasion! Running away from no-where to no-where is another street comer.
Next common issue is divorces and may be jealousy that leads a parent to assassinate the other, until police comes investigates and take necessary steps in a murder resulting of homeless children left back as it is not part of their duties to secure a house to those children they end up living in the streets!
Whatever reasons lead those children to live in the streets without proper care and education is a very dangerous issue that needs immediate and proper attention of the concerned institutions, society and the country and above all those children are humans and have human rights too!
In most cases those children that lost their families and home still have concerned relatives or even neighbors that never got the option of taking care of those well known and beloved children by them. They were my sister’s children or my brother’s ones that I never got the chance to be informed on time, of the tragedy that pushed those children away in the streets. If I had lost contact with them how can I find them back? In most cases specially in parental and family disputes, fled away children could return to normal family life if parents realize what they have done to their own children; even in crimes, either accidental killing upon a dispute, or premeditate assassination once the event is over it can repair the broken relations with that child an uncle or an aunt could take care of this imprisoned person’s child or children. All we need to do is locate those lost children, study their situation and find the concerned persons to put them back in touch! Worst case scenario no relatives or concerned persons then a human organization takes real care of them; by the term real care is meant specialized trained personnel to deal with those lost souls not just an employee that have certain duties and needs a salary month end, but a human being have feelings and feels the misery of those children, and tries the best he/she can to make them feel human again!
I rest my case, the reason for it a rumor of an alleged –personal opinion or article- calling to eradicate them from our lives and kill them, if this is true I’m sure Egyptians will sue the caller or properly respond to his personal or public opinion. I trust Egypt and Egyptians that were blessed by God will do the right thing even in this crucial times when our country needs to stand back on its feet! 
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians.