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  • Monday ,23 June 2014

Pope Tawardros: Fair Treatment?

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,23 June 2014

Pope Tawardros: Fair Treatment?

It is very well known that the Copts have spread themselves out over the years. Many have immigrated to Canada, US, Australia, Europe etc… The Coptic people have attempted at creating a better life for themselves in the midst of an unfair living situation. Some intentionally moved away despite not knowing any other language than Arabic so that they could build a better life for their children. 

It is also very well known that the Copts have Pope Tawadros as their leader. He is the guide that us Copts look to for advice, instructions, and how to conduct their lives as spiritually fit as possible. 

Recently, it was announced, that our beloved Pope would be making a world tour, to visit all of his sheep. It very quickly however, became apparent that some countries and cities hold more favor than others. Why would the Pope not take the time in his schedule to visit each church separately? Don’t all churches deserve the same care and devotion equally?

We in Egypt get to partake in the Pope’s sermons weekly, and if we really tried, we could go right into the cathedral and push until we get an appointment with him. What about the families that have decided to live elsewhere? They do not receive the same ability to speak to their leader? What if it was a matter of life or death?

All I really am trying to express is the fact that all Copts deserve a chance to sit and meet with their leader. How often does Pope Tawadros travel around the world? Once? Twice? The point is, if he is making the effort to travel across the ocean, at least make it count for everyone.