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  • Wednesday ,25 June 2014

Statues of women

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,25 June 2014

Statues of women

However many statues  of great Egyptian men like Talaat Harb, Mostafa Kamel, Mohamed Farid, Ibrahim Basha, Omar Makram, and even foreign people like Simon Bolivar can be found in Egyptian squares, very few statues of women can be found in Egypt.

There is also many statues of Taha Hussein, and Yusuf Idris, Abas Mahmoud Akkad, and other statues that can be found everywhere in Egypt for their commemoration and honor. 
Yet, only two statues of women, namely the statue of Umm Kulthum in Mansoura and a statue of Safia Zaghloul in Alexandria.
Unfortunately, there is no statues for Safia Zaghloul or Hoda Shaarawi, leading personalities for liberation of women.
There are other women who should be commemorated by statues and history like Malak Hefny Nasssef, Siza Nabrawy, May Ziada, Mary Kwiny, Asia and others.
Building such statues should be taken seriously as development should be linked to respecting women and commemorating many great women in our history and life.