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  • Thursday ,26 June 2014

Egyptian city is motoring towards world-class sanitation


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Thursday ,26 June 2014

Egyptian city is motoring towards world-class sanitation

Super-high capacity pumps have been commissioned at a new sewage treatment plant in Alexandria, Egypt’s second city, which will help bring the city’s sanitation up to global state-of-the-art standards.

The main pumps, of which there are seven, were made by Flowserve, a leading manufacturer of pumps for the world's most critical applications. Each is driven by a 1.25MW 12pole 11kV 50Hz Marathon brand motor from Regal, one of the world’s largest electric motor manufacturers. Experts in large motors from Regal’s European HQ in the Netherlands led the commissioning stages of the project. 
Alexandria has a resident population of about 4.5 million, which is growing rapidly as the city develops and becomes an increasingly desirable place to live and work in. During the day, the population swells to over 6 million, as many people commute in to work, shop or visit the many tourist attractions.
The local government is committed to developing the city’s water and sanitation up to world-class standards. This is a massive project; planning started in 1990 and has involved major civil engineering works in many locations. Ongoing work at other sites should be finished within a relatively few years to complete the initial plan. 
In fact, the Marathon motors are replacements for some far smaller motors that have worked away valiantly for 25 years.
Technical expert Jerry Hodek travelled to Alexandria from the Netherlands office, where substantial Marathon motor stock is held, to oversee the commissioning: “In effect, this treatment plant represents a replacement and modernisation of a smaller works. It is being integrated into the whole city-wide system and will improve public health and living standards for a great many people.” 
He continues: “Large projects have to be managed very carefully, because if a tiny thing goes wrong it can multiply again and again through the system and quickly become a major issue. This is true of the commissioning of the motors – and then you have to bear in mind that they are only a minute part of the whole sanitation project.”
Alexandria has always been a hub for the whole region – about 80% of Egypt’s import and export trade goes through the city. As it grows and develops, more and more people are attracted to relocate there from surrounding areas, so that they have access to first-class education, healthcare, infrastructure and other facilities. Many of these new residents will be young people, who will later start families and want to provide their children with a good start in life. Therefore, its population is expected to continue growing and urbanising for several decades.