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  • Thursday ,26 June 2014

America is a superpower, but…

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,26 June 2014

America is a superpower, but…

I do not deny that America is a superpower, but this doesn’t give its foreign minister the right to be rude when talking about Egypt and its stability and respect for democracy. Furthermore, it doesn’t give him the right to talk on behalf of our president and ask for a break for the newly elect president. 

It doesn’t give him reason to talk about our judicial system and its provisions. 

Being a super power does give America the right to demand the release of journalists of Al-Jazirah news network whom were condemned by Egyptian court. Would you welcome our talk about the importance of releasing sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman. Mubark did well when he ignored the American demands to release Aiman Nour.

In fact, you contradict democracy when you interfere in our judiciary. You must know how to break the rules of democracy since you have tortured Guantanamo prisoners against the law.

The American Administration have also forgot about judging Morsy for his Constitutional declaration in which he violated human rights as well as democracy rules.

America suffered a lot upon interfering in Cuban affairs. Egypt also can do much with its great position and people to teach you a hard lesson. I’m not asking to declare war on America, but to make her know her limits.  

Furthermore, America should learn that there is separation of powers in Egypt. Thus, they shouldn’t talk with the president of the executive power about the judiciary!