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  • Friday ,29 August 2014

The American Trap

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,31 August 2014

The American Trap

America wants Egypt to fail by any means. There were two actions America did which clarify my point exactly. The first is when the speaker of Foreign Affairs claimed that Egypt and the Emirates participated in strikes against Libya. The second is when Human Rights Watch intentionally put wrong information related to what happened in “Rab’a”. 

What is America’s point from all this hassle? I believe there is only one aim, which is to destroy Egypt and the Egyptian army. You may ask, “Why would America want to do that?” We have to take a look and explain why America wants that!

America’s aim is to eliminate this region as a source of terrorism. Furthermore, the only way to destroy the region after its previous bad experience in Iraq, is to let all these countries fight each other until they are no longer left.  

Since the last 12 years, and even more so with George W Bush, America decided to enter into war pretty much everywhere and against everyone. As a result, everyone lost most of its power and also its credibility in the world. 

America is no longer the country that everyone dreams to be in. Look at what happened lately at the injustice and prejudice to different race, as we can see with the case of the Police killing an innocent black man. Look at what is going in the Ukraine and how America supported the opposition to be in power although the Ukrainian president was elected from the nation. 

All in all, America wants Egypt to fall in their trap and I hope that the Egyptian people wake up and don’t allow this stupid country to do what it is planning to.