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  • Tuesday ,09 September 2014

Change in conspiratorial plans against Egypt

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,09 September 2014

Change in conspiratorial plans against Egypt

I’m worried about the American waves that hit the Egyptian shore these days. America has sent a delegation most of which are from African origins. Then, they released Apache helicopters and sent many American military leaders. Soon, many American agents appeared in media, research centers and businessmen.

The new US plan started with the arrival of the American scientist of Egyptian origin, Dr. Ahmed Zewail, for the first time after the revolution of June 30 in a visit that lasts for one month. He will try hard to make the Egyptians forget about the crisis of his university that he had seized its land in Egypt after he failed to establish it in Qatar.
Zewail met with President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi who decided to make the best use of him for the sake of Egypt.
Later, he appeared in Akhbar al-Youm economic conference that was planned for by Journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal and Journalist Yasser Rizk.
In the same context, Heikal will start media campaign on CBC private television to support Zewail and his men.
America has failed to interfere in Egypt through its conspiratorial plans, but it tries now to use such soft power which is so dangerous.
Egyptian security is vigilant, but the Egyptian mind should be the same as well. The Egyptians did such a great job by financing new Suez Canal project, which is as important as the revolution of June 30, 2013.