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  • Thursday ,11 September 2014

Management and favoritism

Ezzat Boulos

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Thursday ,11 September 2014

Management and favoritism

Management science is one of the most important sciences applied in developed countries. However, in Egypt it’s a bit different as we don’t care about management science in our lives or even large institutions.

Public employment has always been a dream for many Egyptians long years ago. Those employees care much about their rest rather than their work. In the work, they just talk and never get punished for their many mistakes. When they are about to receive some punishment, they only have to ask for the director's compassion for the sake of his children!

The fact is that such employees are no more useful and have never been. True success for the institution can’t be achieved by such people. Reward and punishment are so important to improve a company, but they are never applied.

Today, there is no place for poppycock, laziness or dictators. The administration has the right to discuss their brilliant ideas and choose the best for the interest of the company or the organization.

I’ve lived and worked in Switzerland where you can find an example of successful management. I worked as computer engineer, design and innovation specialist, and leader for a team of more than 27 engineers in one of the largest companies in the world in the field of communications.

At certain points, I had to get rid of certain employees who don’t work according to the aspirations and standards of the company.

I came back to Egypt and worked in a significant news website using my previous expertise for three decades.

I trusted many people giving them certain positions. Yet, some of them were trustworthy and others were totally unreliable. Furthermore, some of them tried to overstep their managers and break the system. They apparently suffered from many losses as they couldn’t grasp this modern management system.

Now, we need to change our minds in the new Egypt. A developed country needs our unity and developed thinking as well.