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  • Friday ,12 September 2014

Another Omar at hand

Hind Mukhtar

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Friday ,12 September 2014

Another Omar at hand

Many of us still remember the child Omar, hawker who was killed in the attacks of US Embassy at the time of the Muslim Brotherhood. Everybody was talking then about the poor child who lost his life after a life full of deprivation.

Many people traded on his story. Others have traded on children from Mekkah Mokaramah orphanage. This usually lasts for limited time before everybody forgets about those children.

On Wednesday, September 3rd, a friend told me a story about poor children who sell stuff in downtown. A girl tried to sell him something, but he offered to give her money without receiving something in return. He tried to convince her that he is willing to lend her the money in order to receive a heavenly reward.

She hardly accepted to take the money. Soon her little sister came to ask him to lend her some extra cash to pay the rent claiming the owner of the house tortures them and showed them the traces. He advised them to report the police against this man, but they refused as he will take revenge.

My friend tried to help them and made a phone call to another friend who works in one of the official associations to helping children, but she told him that they have no financial resources anymore.

I wonder: is there a chance to help this poor girl and her family from this thug? Will we just ignore the matter until we face another Omar and mourn her on Facebook?