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  • Friday ,12 September 2014

What’s the Worst? (Part ll)

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,13 September 2014

What’s the Worst? (Part ll)

Amidst all of this killing and violence and stupidity brought on by Islamic fundamentalists, I have a simple question, what is the worst they can do to us (us as in Christians)?


Do you think that the worst thing that can happen to us is death? Look at Egypt and all the destroyed families and churches. Muslims pushing Christians out of their homes, kidnapping people asking for unimaginable ransoms, abducting children and forcing them into an arranged marriage. When you think about all of this, do you wonder if that’s the worst that can happen?


I actually don’t think that’s the worst. Why? Let me try and explain. As a Christian, our main goal is to get into heaven. To be reunited with our bridegroom, to not have to endure any more suffering or heartache or sadness. All Christians want to go to heaven. Period. 


So, if we are martyred by a Muslim who enjoys having blood on his hands, is that so bad? Yes it is unthinkable to lose a loved one, or to have your life taken from you when you are not ready. But if you remember, you will recall that God only takes you at your best moment in life. When you are ready to become an angel, God will welcome you to His glorious hug. 


If death is not the worst that can happen, what is the worst? I believe the worst thing that a terrorist can do to us Christians, is make us hate them. Were we not instructed to love one another? Were we not instructed to live our life loving thy neighbour? I am guilty of this for sure. If you recall my very first line in Part l, I said I hate terrorists. This is the worst that a Muslim fundamentalist can do to me as a Christian. He takes my peace, he takes my calm, he causes my heart to become heavy with sadness and regret and hatred and vengeance. 


How can I watch my Christian brothers and sisters die at the hands of animals, and not be filled with hatred. How? Can anyone tell me how? This is the point. The worst thing that can happen to us is not death my friends, but hatred. This is dangerous, and we should ask God to purfty our hearts from this unforgivable sin.