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  • Monday ,15 September 2014

Wisdom & Smartness

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,15 September 2014

Wisdom & Smartness

In last week’s article I said:

Thanks God I trust the Egyptian Army and above all the wisdom and smartness of their leadership, -I’ll come back to this point later. Well now is the time!
Let me first start with a simple fact that is I was exempted from military service so I never really been in the army so I never really lived within solders or seen real army, but I’ve seen like any young person lots of military movies; I know movies is a mixture of reality with imagination but with experience and long life reading facts using your brains properly you can always see reality from imagination and extract facts!
First of all I know for sure as a fact I learned over time, not all intelligence officers are totally loyal to their countries, lots of spies were initially intelligent officers in some other country but without loyalty and on the first opportunity they turned their back to their own countries.
A close by building to MI6 – The British secret Intelligence headquarters- was dedicated to Britain’s spies of non British origin and at a point of time hosted lot of ex-soviet union citizens and spies and that was the reason to keep that building close by MI6 to keep an eye on them and to protect them and be protected from them as well. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Soviet Intelligence used to hunt those spies, they were too dangerous to live with the amount of information they had, so better bury that information with them, and a famous case of the guy that died suddenly while having a drink with a friend in an Italian restaurant in Italy investigation discovered he was exposed to some nuclear radiation! Further investigations uncovered the fact he was an MI6 agent of Soviet origin and then news of this assassination become Top Secret Classified!  An Israeli intelligence officer running spies network mainly Palestinian spies or other Arab entities confessed in a TV broadcast that he lived a life in hell expecting every moment one of his spies is mainly spying on him or turns against him! Someone without loyalty to his own country you can never trust him to be loyal to you! I’m not aware of any CIA real life spies stories as I did not live in USA long enough like in Europe, but I’m sure they should be running offices in a similar way and the only story I know of the MI6 agent that took a training course in CIA on decoding and breaking encrypted messages, he was a genius in his field that probably cost him his life and 3-5 years after his death his family still just wish to know how he really died!
More of Intelligence.
 As facts unfold over time, and we did discover that the so called January 25th 2011 revolution was part of the Arab spring conspiracy followed by plan B, the C and who knows which plan is going on now, the two so far unbroken countries with a military army still standing up are Syria –the right wing of Egypt- and Egypt! But there are so many rumours lies, and facts so all tangled up to a total confusion so let us unfold the facts and try to answer some questions to get a clearer view.
First of all there was a meeting in Saudi Arabia Kingdom of the Arab league countries with the United States do discuss the new clear and present danger well known as DAESH wish in detail is :
د دولة  )or Country
ا اسلامية Islamic
ع عراق Iraq
ش شام Sham which includes Lebanon and Syria
In fact Daesh is a clear and present danger not only on those countries but the whole of Europe that suddenly discovered dormant cells in Germany, after the clear voice threat of the guy that took off the head the American journalist and turned to be recognized as a real British guy, moreover, as they want to conquer the WHOLE WORLD, so that the planet Earth is just one religion Islam!
Therefore England, France, and Germany in a secret meeting decided to join USA in its war against DAESH, Daesh that occupies 1/3 of Iraq plus a portion of Syria however the war on them will be on Syria’s grounds –WHY?-
USA in a meeting with the Arab League asking them to join the fight the European countries will do the same for a total of 40 countries to fight that war, but with all this popularity for that war why United Nations including Russians and China were not invited?
Isn’t this scenario reminding you with Iraq second war of 2003?
I wonder if his majesty the King of Saudi Arabia thought of that meeting or was forced to that meeting and is he willing to fight or he has to fight by orders? Did he consider consultation with other countries concerning his national security? Is he allowed to act on his own taking in consideration a very old promise or arrangement done by his grandfather, oil for protection and protection for oil; but R.I.P. King Fessal on 1973 did not give a second thought upon Egypt’s war of October 1973!
I know for sure Iraq upon Saddam era was the security gate in the region not only for Saudi Arabia but for Syria as well let aside Lebanon with it very special internal structure! And since USA demolished the Iraq army, their national (Saudi Arabia national security) was jeopardised, but they did fall like many other countries in the so called then “Weapons of Mass Destruction” trap like many other countries, including Egypt with all due regret.
I know for sure Egypt learnt the lesson, look around the borders of Egypt, west threat in Libya unstable internal many militants fighting for power killing each other no loyalty to their country, nationality or religion they are all loyal to Muslim Brotherhood but not unified, the real loyalist to their ethnicity and country too weak to stand up alone and control Libyan security even a few Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt went there to create the so called Egyptian Free Army –like the Syrian Free Army- but did Egyptian army go after them? On the contrary in a very smart move decided to help Libyan Army train them and empower them, a strong loyal army to Libya is an asset to Egypt’s national security! The smartness of the leaders in the Egyptian Army extended to Lebanon sending experts to help the Lebanon Army not to fight for it that is so much segmented between militants supporting the Free Syrian Army fighting against Bashar, or Hizbula that is Iran in Lebanon or ...
Let alone our southern borders with Sudan already broken in two parts and fighting for further segmentation, Egyptian Army Leadership with open eyes to any threats did not invade Sudan or declare the war for well known parts of Egypt lands ex-traitor Morsy tried to sell!
Are you still wondering about my statement that Egyptian Army Leaders WISE and SMART? Note the plural “s” in leaders not a leader, this would had pointed straight away to the General High Commander –The president- not to all his colleagues that belong to the same school, the school of loyal Egyptian Solders ready to die for Egypt, and this is difference between Egyptian Intelligence and the CIA that depends on traitors not LOYAL SOLDERS, traitors to the best of their estimates expected to rule Egypt for the next 50 years and failed, to start the plan B with human rights then plan C with Hamas finally plan XWZ to demolish Syria that stood for three years plus against all kinds of conspiracies from Turks to Qatar Including the Traitor Morsy! I’m not with Bashar El Assad or against I’m just with a unified Syrian Country resolved its internal problems in peace not on pools of blood!
A final world about USA declared policies, and internal counter policies leaders who criticise the policies of the USA president, and the double standards we see and feel, they are not conflict of interests so do not cry victory, it is just POLITICAL PROPAGANDA for the around the corner empty presidential sit! If you do not believe let us see what improvements were introduced to USA policies since ex president Regan, or any one that followed the only true human president John Kennedy that paid with his life his humanity, so Rest In Peace!
In conclusion I wish to alert his majesty Saudi Arabia King this forthcoming war against Daesh will be on your expenses you will finance this war from weapons to reconstruction of cities, you will injects funds to the treasury of the troubled USA economy due to wrong policies, more funds to buy more and more traitors to keep planning on how to reconstruct the new middle east map that Egyptian wisdom, smartness and bravery blow up all plans so far. 
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians.