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  • Tuesday ,16 September 2014

The bird is dancing with his throat slashed

Hind Mukhtar

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Tuesday ,16 September 2014

The bird is dancing with his throat slashed

Egyptian media showed a famous video clip of Egyptian women dancing for the new democracy and to express their happiness for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt.

Furthermore, the Egyptian movies showed great belly dancer Tahia Carioca who participated in the Cannes Film Festival in France. Other dancers like Samia Gamal, Nagwa Fouad and Zizi Mustafa have impressed and entertained us in their movies.

Youssef Chahine resisted intellectual terrorism in the movie “determination” by dancing. Fahmi Howeidi attacked dancing saying “it’s not a tool to liberate the peoples”. Yet, Mohammed Salmawy replied saying “indeed it is”.

Furthermore, there are paintings of belly dancers that adorn the walls of the Opera Metro station in Cairo.

Dancing is one of the oldest arts practiced by man. He danced just like the branches of trees and even the birds are dancing when they are slain.

Dancing is the language of the body. Such language, like every other language, has decent and indecent words. Those who attacked “the Dancer” show are ignorant in all languages.

The people danced in both happy and sad moments, and even in worship. Unfortunately, some people believe that happiness and joy are immorality and sin. In fact, we may have removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power, but they still live happily at many minds in Egypt. Now, let’s dance!