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  • Wednesday ,17 September 2014

American conspiratorial plans

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,17 September 2014

American conspiratorial plans

Who can trust that the United States cares for Egypt and her future? In fact, America has sent its American citizens of Egyptian origin to surround the president in the form of a presidential advisory board. 

Zewail, one of those American citizens, decided to establish a university that carries his name giving the impression his name is more important than the Nile and even the Pyramids.
Those who trust those people are repeating the same mistake of those who trusted Mohamed El-Baradei calling him the Icon of the Revolution.
The journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal supported such American conspiracy as well in his interview in CBC private TV.
Later, American Foreign Minister John Kerry visited Egypt demanding Egyptian support in fighting the Islamic state of Daash. Yet, Egypt refused to fight their war after they refused to fight against terrorism in Egypt.
America even refused to give Egypt weapons to fight this terrorism hoping that it will break Egypt. In short, they never care about Egypt.
American Administration is not welcomed in Egypt as they plan against Egypt using Americans of Egyptian origins. Therefore, Egypt has to take heed! 
The Egyptian president strongly replied to them and the Egyptians financed the biggest project in modern history of Egypt, which is the new Suez Canal.
The Egyptian people like to impress the whole world by some of their miracles every now and then. The President will visit the United Nation to speak about few of these miracles. May God preserve our president.