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  • Thursday ,18 September 2014

A country without law has no future

By Mark Makram Harby

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Thursday ,18 September 2014

A country without law has no future

Many people managed to despise the Egyptian law in order to impose their own ideas and conditions on the Egyptian society. For example, supporters of some political activists described the Egyptian Judiciary as unfair demanding the president to issue a presidential pardon for them. Yet, the same people refused the issuance of a presidential pardon for the Muslim Brotherhood under the former president Mohamed Morsy. I wonder: have they forgotten about their former positions and views?

The moment the law works according to the demands of similar people comes its end. The law should express the progress and development of the nation. The more the people obey the law, the more the nations progress and develop.

Many years ago, Egypt treated all the citizens equally. Thus, Egypt was a role model for respecting the law. Now, everybody wants to change the law according to their own will which may destroy our future. Everybody should obey the law and the judiciary instead of attacking it for their own interests and ideas.