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  • Friday ,19 September 2014

Finally Some Politically Incorrect Correctness

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,20 September 2014

Finally Some Politically Incorrect Correctness
Ah the "West." The Western point of view on anything is as follows: if you are going to say something which offends someone, it is politically incorrect, and therefore should not be said. For the longest time, the negative stigma associated with condemning radical extremists was palpable. If you said anything against someone's religion, it was seen as this politically incorrect, discriminatory, offensive act. Everyone is entitled to his or her belief, and we should give them their freedom to express themselves. Believe in Allah? Sure. Vegetarian? Your choice. Chain smoker? If you want. It's like everyone walking on eggshells. "Don't say something that might offend someone" During the tragedy of 9/11 nobody even dared to speak negatively against Muslims. This unfortunate day was a terrorist attack. Who are the terrorists? Just extremists, not Muslim, not Christian, not Buddhist, just extremists. 
It seems that we have allowed so much wrong to happen in the world, that we are scrambling to fix ourselves before more tragedy happens. John Kerry was recently speaking with Sisi in order to build this strong coalition against ISIS, and to absolutely destroy this Islamic State. My question is, why the sudden change of heart? Was it not just a few years ago where speaking out against a certain religion was seen as politically incorrect? What changed to have John Kerry (!) come and make plans for interfering with religion? I thought that the West had fears and remorse for what is happening to their eastern neighbours, but never actions. 
It seems absolutely foreign to me, but contrary to what you may think, I applaud this change of heart. Yes, I don't think the West needs to get involved in this whole mess. I believe the East has to fix themselves unless chaos and tragedy will remain forever. However, I watch what's happening in the countries around me, and in my own country too, and feel like it's getting worse. Maybe the streets are back to normal, maybe the right people are being sentenced to jail, but I can't help but feel like a storm is coming before the sun. 
It's the thought that groups of people can be brainwashed into acting like animals that scares me. This group, ISIS, is devoted to destroying all good and spreading their evil. Really, it's like a horror movie that has no end. Say, God forbid, in 10 years all the Christians are non-existent in the East because they were driver out. Will the extremists begin turning on their own people and killing all the moderate Muslims too? Where is the economy? Where is progression of the nation? Where is the sense of community and patriotism? All they care about is being crazy and calling it in the name of "Allah." Why would this "Allah" want death and destruction of the world which he created? When will the killing stop? 
In this case, I do believe we need help in stopping this spreading situation. This pandemic, if you will. Way to go for more and more Western people speaking out against this terrible tragedy! Way to go for political figures opening their eyes and wanting to help in any way they can. I hope this continues to grow, and I hope we can work together to remove this wound in our history and begin to heal.