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  • Tuesday ,23 September 2014

MB equals the National Party

Gergis Wahib

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Tuesday ,23 September 2014

MB equals the National Party

The era of the Muslim Brotherhood is considered the worst in the Egyptian history. The terrorist group was ready to offer everything, even the home country, in order to establish the Islamic Caliphate.

The terrorist group has no values or nationality that it betrayed the homeland and killed Egyptian soldiers and policemen in many terrorist attacks.

However, there is another dangerous element in Egypt, which is the National Democratic Party (NDP). Leaders of the NDP have disappeared under the Muslim Brotherhood after they spoiled Egypt for 30 years full of corruption, poverty, forgery and unemployment.

However, members of the NDP appeared again on the political arena. For example, Safwat Nahas, who served as head of the Central Agency for Organization and Management under Mubarak’s regime. He abused the dignity of thousands of temporary contractors and treated them like animals, but he is running for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

How come such faces are returning to the political arena once again after the great revolution of June 30! Many of our problems are still the same like bread, transportation, drinking water and electricity. I urge president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to take heed of his three main enemies: the Muslim Brotherhood, America, and members of the National Democratic Party. Moreover, he may find many honest and patriot people among the supporters of the revolution of June 30.