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  • Wednesday ,24 September 2014

Victims became criminals

Magdi George

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Wednesday ,24 September 2014

Victims became criminals

Al-Ahram state journal published news about 35 Copts arrested for demonstrating against kidnapping a Coptic woman. The great newspaper misspelled the news saying that they are from Assiut instead of Minya. However, nobody cared for them.

Those poor Copts were trying to defend their honor, which was violated by one of the terrorists who kidnapped Coptic women from her husband and four children. Those Copts expected better treatment from the state after they sacrificed their lives, churches and properties for their country during and after the revolution of June 30.

They believed many claims that police have changed their mind and way of dealing with them. Indeed, police have changed, but not when it comes to the Copts whom it usually turns from victims into criminals. They live in a poor village that the holy family had visited.

An extremist from a nearby village has kidnapped a Coptic woman. Police were reported and promised to bring her back soon. However, weeks have passed and the police procrastinate in order to give the kidnapper a chance to flee. Unfortunately, many police officers still consider the Copts infidels whom kidnapping and forced conversion bring them closer to God.

Therefore, her family has demonstrated in front of police station in order to demand police to return the kidnapped woman to them. They were provoked by police and stoned the police station. Thus, many of them were arrested to distract from the kidnapped woman.
Iman, the Coptic woman was a victim of  a male-dominated society that puts her in fourth place after Muslim men, Muslim women, Coptic men and sits at the end of the queue a Coptic women. Furthermore, the arrested Coptic people are also victims of the criminal, the police and even their environment in which they live. I hope they won’t be victims of their church as well that should support them in their calamity.