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  • Thursday ,25 September 2014

Pope discusses changing Christmas date

Dr. Raafat Fahim Gendy

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Thursday ,25 September 2014

Pope discusses changing Christmas date

In his visit to Canada, Pope Tawadros offered the Coptic Christians in Canada to celebrate Christmas on December 25 instead of January 7. Yet, it was more surprising that many Copts have totally refused the idea.

Until the 16 century, the Copts celebrated Christmas on December 25, which corresponded to 29 Kiahk in the Coptic calendar. However, with the amendment to the Gregorian calendar, the date changed to January 7.

It was surprising that the Pope offers such proposal, but the congregation refused to separate themselves from the mother church. It’s but a start of big change.

We don’t know when Jesus Christ was born. The first church only celebrated Easter lest people think He is only human. Celebrating Christmas started in the fourth century.

Those who refused the idea hinder the decision of uniting Christmas date for all Christian churches. Yet, we were so happy to receive His Holiness Pope Tawadros