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  • Friday ,26 September 2014

To renounce violence

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,26 September 2014

To renounce violence

President al-Sisi does not mind to accept the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in the political life in case they renounce violence. Many Coptic activists warned al-Sisi that supporting the Islamists may lead to his death just like former president Sadat did.

In fact, Sadat was assassinated for the peace treaty with Israel, but the Islamists nowadays are willing to kill whoever supports a state. That’s why they kill police officers and soldiers, and spread chaos everywhere.
It was surprising to find the Islamists denying they support violence at all. Furthermore, some of them claimed that al-Sisi is the violence part! They may even claim al-Sisi needs them to continue living! This came right before his visit to New York to deliver a speech in the UN.

Moreover, how can we make sure those terrorist have denounced violence? Should they stop for one year their terrorist attacks against soldiers as well as civilians?

We saw leaders of the terrorist group inciting against Egypt. Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria fall in the same mistake that killed them later. I wonder: How come you expect them to renounce violence when violence runs in their ideology and blood as well? Tell us if you promised Sheikh Borhamy and the Islamists to do something. It should be clear as those promises and covenants are made by the Egyptian president.