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  • Friday ,26 September 2014

Give It Up

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,26 September 2014

Give It Up

Can you believe that there are still protests going on against Sisi? Can you imagine waking up every morning thinking, “Today is the day I will go to protest.”? Well, for some people, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, this is what they think every day since Sisi was elected President of Egypt.


The problem with Egypt is that the citizens are too passionate about their religion, too involved in their politics, too busy criticizing the negatives and ignoring the positives. In a democracy, when there is an election that ends unfavourably for you, you say, “Oh well.” And wait until the next election and perhaps your party will have better luck.


In Egypt, this is not the case at all. Everyone is so convinced that politics is a family affair and that everyone needs to put in their two cents. Morsi got thrown out? Oh wow! What an event! Sisi was voted in as Egypt’s new President? Interesting, let’s see what happens. But no. In Egypt the people feel the need to fight and cry about every little thing. Protesting and causing chaos all hours of the day and night every day is not helping your case.  Furthermore, I have a message for you, dear annoying protestors:


All protests are doing now at this point are causing annoyance and hindrance to moving on with life. Let me ask you something.  Is Sisi in any way, directly affecting you at work? Is Sisi coming to you and insulting your family? Do you feel like there is more famine now that Sisi is President? Don’t even try to be an idiot and answer yes.



The President has no direct correlation to your everyday life.  So stop acting like it is the end of the world because the party you voted for lost. Honestly, for every 1 million of you protesting, there are 5 million who are tired of your complaining, literally. Just live your life, stop destroying the country in which you live, and wait until next election to see if you can get your way then.