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  • Tuesday ,30 September 2014

Police are liars

By Ashraf Helmy

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Tuesday ,30 September 2014

Police are liars

After Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim was proven a liar as he claimed lady of Gabal al-Tir had converted into Islam. Police attacked and broke into houses of the Copts to destroy them.

Yet, the minister and his gang were unlucky as the lady could escape her kidnappers and returned to her family denying she was converted into Islam.

This reveals the complicity of Al-Azhar or police can issue documents on behalf of Al-Azhar. It’s also weird that Al-Azhar issued no statement about the case yet. It should be part of the Wahhabi Saudi terrorist plan since 1952 to eliminate Christians of Egypt.

Therefore, I demand the return of all kidnapped Coptic Christian women who were forced to convert to Islam. I also demand trail for all leaders involved in such dirty plan.

In fact, it’s a matter of national security, sectarian strife and forced displacement for many Christians.

Finally, will the president listen to the Copts or will ignore them just like former presidents did? I’m afraid the lady will suffer by Minya Director of Security like many witnesses suffered in cases of the Muslim Brotherhood.