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  • Wednesday ,01 October 2014

The winner

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,01 October 2014

The winner

It’s wonderful that the Muslim Brotherhood realizes Al-Sisi when he visits America, is moving to play on their playground. America and Britain are very stupid if they think they will be safe by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as it’s the source of all terrorist organization.

The MB though Al-Sisi will be an easy catch on their land, but he was a very good player as he held manifold meetings with leaders and presidents of many countries.

He was highly regarded as president of a great nation. Furthermore, he was great public speaker who praised Egypt among the nations and became the winner.

Let’s hope that Al-Sisi returns safe to his country to respond to kidnapping and killing of the Copts in Upper Egypt under the auspices of the police at the time Pope Tawadros was holding the Egyptian flag to support Al-Sisi and his country.