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  • Thursday ,02 October 2014

Nation Committing Suicide

Hanan Badei Sawiris

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Thursday ,02 October 2014

Nation Committing Suicide

Another sectarian incident took place at Jabal al-Tair with the disappearance of Coptic Lady, a mother of five sons who was kidnapped by a Muslim partner of her husband. Yet, the reaction of the police was really harsh towards the Copts, especially after the revolution of June 30 in which they participated and suffered.

The police attacked the Coptic men calling them names, insulting them and even strip them nude to lash them. The women were insulted and the children were hit and terrified. In general they called them “infidels” and, therefore, felt free to rob their money and jewelry after destroying their furniture.

I wonder who can keep the Copts safe after police did such horrible acts! Should they hire someone else to do the job? Why should policemen avenge themselves so brutally against poor Copts who only demand the return of a kidnapped woman of their family?

Someone may claim she went with the Muslim man willingly. Yet, she is a wife of a man and such escape with a stranger is called fornication which is apparently a violation for the law that shouldn’t’ be protected by police.

I don’t say that she did escape willingly, but I’m keeping pace with the story of the Minister of Interiors that the woman has willingly converted to Islam.

There is such a great difference between the police dealing with this story and another story of a Muslim woman of al-Wasty whom police was able to return from the Netherlands which reflects police was really occupied with her story. Yet, she could have married her Christian friend and live with him in peace.

With the story of leady of Jabal al-Tair, another woman came to Al-Azhar to complete the papers of Iman’s conversation to Islam on her behalf. The complicity of police in this case was crystal clear, especially as head of security in Minya announced that her family destroyed to police cars and injured two police men and they will not allow this to happen again.

The state of law was replaced by a state of bullying and terrorism under auspices of policemen.

I was writing the article when I received the news that the woman could escape her kidnappers as they were performing their prayers and accused police of not only complicity, but also of planning the whole story.

She added that she has never converted to Islam to prove the Minister of Interiors a liar. This also reveals the barbaric attack of security forces against the Copts. In fact, police should change their mind and denounce fanaticism before this nation moves forward.