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  • Friday ,03 October 2014

Nour Party: We will sue Mehleb if he keeps tarnishing our image

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Friday ,03 October 2014

Nour Party: We will sue Mehleb if he keeps tarnishing our image

The presidential council and the legal committee of the Salafi Al-Nour Party met on Wednesday to discuss what it called excesses in a high school history textbook.

The meeting also addressed lawsuits filed by certain personalities and political parties demanding the disbandment of the party for violating the Constitution.
A source said that the president of the party, Younis Makhyoun, will send a memorandum to Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb with all the excesses the party has been suffering since he assumed office, including those from Endowments Minister Mohamed Gomaa.
The source added that the party will sue the government of Mehleb if it continues to tarnish its image.
For his part, Makhyoun said the judiciary had approved the establishment of the party and thus it should not be distorted.
Party Assistant President Nader Bakar accused the minister of education of imbuing the minds of future generations with his own political ideas. “We now have doubts about the credibility of all other curricula that the minister approved,” he said.
“Other political parties are afraid to face us in the parliamentary elections, so they use every possible means to tarnish us before the public,” he said.
Khaled Rahim, a member of the Salafi Daawa Shura Council, said the minister of education and certain “cartoonish” political parties are falsifying history. “We will face those ministers with all strength until they come back to their senses,” he said.