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  • Friday ,03 October 2014

When Will We Be Objective?

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,05 October 2014

When Will We Be Objective?

Before, during, and after Sisi’s visit to New York, all media outlets were talking about nothing except this visit. I can understand supporting your president but I can’t understand the media being crazy about everything related to this one visit.  

For example, some presenters in the media spoke about how Sisi was amazing when he raised his hand, or how beautiful the suit was that he was wearing!! I felt that while I followed all of this news that this was Egypt's first return back to the UN after a  long time of not being there, but on contrary, Egypt never left the UN since joining. 
I feel like everyone is not to being objective in regards to giving the event more than it deserves. I believe that what happened was completely unacceptablem at least from my perspective. What does it mean to collect people from different states and from Egypt just because you want to convince the world that Sisi has all of supporters in and outside Egypt?
I don’t believe that Sisi was in need of all of these bells and whistles around him to convince the world that he is the president of Egypt. 
At the same time I found the media talking about nothing except Sisi’s visit to UN, I couldn't find anyone talking about the persecution that's happening to the Copts in Ga-bal Al Taiir. No one even mentioned that the interior ministry should be changing it's behaviour not only with Christians or Copts in Egypt but with everyone. 
Neglecting what’s happening so that the whole country can follow the news of only one person even if this one was the president refers to the fact that the media hasn't changed until now and hasn't learned the lesson that the Egyptian people are more important than one person even it was the president, and that leads me to ask, when will be objective?