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  • Wednesday ,08 October 2014

Fool me twice, shame on me

Monir Beshai

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Wednesday ,08 October 2014

Fool me twice, shame on me

The parliamentary elections at hand, but how can we prevent the Islamists from dominating this parliament? How can we prevent those who have no royalty to Egypt or respect to its flag and national anthem? They indeed fooled us once. Yet the idiom says: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

The history of the Muslim Brotherhood since its very beginning in 1928 is full of violence and blood, and so does many other Islamic groups. 
It assassinated many people like Nokrashy, Ahmed Maher, Khozendar and Sadat, and tried to assassinate Nasser. Their spiritual leader, Omar Abdel Rahman, issued fatwa that permits attacking the Coptic jewelers and plundering their gold and money to finance terrorist operations.
After the revolution of January 25, 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood was able to jump on the revolution and achieved the dream of ruling Egypt. Yet, the Egyptian people experienced so many calamites under their rule that they revolted once more against the MB and the army supported the new revolution.
Soon, the terrorist group decided to attack more than 100 churches and many properties of the Copts hoping the Copts will reply. Similar techniques were used in the story of Gabal al-Tir to incite a sectarian strife during the visit of the president to the united nation. 
However, the new parliament should be elected soon after the new constitution, which gives it special flavor and importance as it should be able to vote of no confidence for the president and even dismiss him. 
What if the Islamists will fool the Egyptian people again to make them vote for them? Al-Nour ultra conservative party is one of these parties that claimed to participate in the revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood and at the same time supported them in many ways. Furthermore, they preparing very well for the upcoming elections.
We can’t wait until they seize the next parliament. We can’t try them once again expecting different results.
In fact, the Salafists are even more violence than the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the ones who cut off the ear of a Coptic man accusing him of having affair with a 60 years old Muslim woman! They burned a church for a rumor it hides a Coptic girl who converted to Islam. They also demolished the Church in Atfih, cut off the road in Qena to force new Coptic governor to resign, attacked monks in their monasteries and even attacked the great Cathedral of St. Mark.
Moreover, their ideology forbids building churches or congratulating the Copts on their feasts and much more. Egypt must completely forbid religion based political parties and learn from our mistakes.