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  • Thursday ,09 October 2014

Police compete with thugs assaulting the Copts

John France

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Thursday ,09 October 2014

Police compete with thugs assaulting the Copts

It’s known that police is entrusted to achieve security and prevent bullying. Police should present this service to all citizens without discrimination. Yet, in Egypt the police decided to compete with the thugs to assault and rob the Copts. This happened in Jabal al-Tir village in Minya.

The police attacked the Coptic men calling them names, insulting them and even strip them nude to lash them in front of their families. The women were insulted and the children were hit and terrified. In general they called them “infidels” and, therefore, felt free to rob their money and jewelry after destroying their furniture.
I wonder who can keep the Copts safe after police did such horrible acts! Should they hire someone else to do the job? Why should policemen avenge themselves so brutally against poor Copts who only demand the return of a kidnapped woman of their family?
The director of security in Minya was proven a liar and conniver, but has not been punished or removed from office.

Last but not least, I appreciate police and the Minister of Interiors whom I consider a hero, but those who fail or make mistakes have to be punished. I also say to president al-Sisi: You’re responsible for protecting the Copts as well as all Egyptians, and you should remove those responsible for the crisis from office for sake of our national unity and to preserve Egypt from sectarian strife.