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  • Monday ,13 October 2014

Religious Restrictions

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,13 October 2014

Religious Restrictions
An old movie of golden era in the movie industry called “Cairo 30” was rebroadcast recently, Cairo 30 means Social and political life in Cairo on 1930 that is 16 years short of a century ago! Obviously at 1930 the 1919 revolution was already over but from the dialogue of the casting crew you note a general dismay specially from the youth or undergraduates of universities or high schools! They criticised corruption in palace by the royals, parliament by parties and politicians, all feared the influence of the British occupying forces and authorities that used to dictate policies for the King to follow, Change the ministry cabinet if its head was anti-occupation or non friendly to the British forces and excites the people against them!
My God is it a non-stop event? King or president politicians and corruption a non stop event? In fact this is not a made in Egypt product, it is a general dismay that leads to revolutions where ever whenever the freedom of people is gone!
The freedom of people in Egypt was gone long ago the royal Egyptian family and politicians used the political police to arrest people who have different political views or even talk politics, later on was substituted by the national security forces that were publicly created to fight terrorism but become themselves terrorists!
This is not an attack on our national security entity, it is just an analysis of wrong doing practices as people every where are just humans loyal national or just opportunists thieves and traitors when I criticise those people I do not by all means attack honest people with self dignity!
Let us take an example in today’s word of restrictions and how they lead to the worst results; A young man, or boy with a tablet, iphone, or laptop accessing the unbounded world of the Internet, where every thing is available what can happen? Initially Internet was a top secret military invention as tracing radio waves become with the development of technology a risky business to exchange information with spies exposing their locations, so a new wireless mean was introduced until intelligence forces unmasked them with other spies so finally become publicly available for educational purposes to universities that developed it more for public use! 
Like with all other media from press, to radio or TV broadcasting traders invaded it to advertise their merchandises and new techniques for advertising become available moreover, whole free sites, social or technical and specialised in different fields like medical, or health eating, and electricity teaching and ... And...with or without fees as those free sites cover their expenses with advertising fees from advertisers, hence all kinds of attraction are available including movies and rated movies and no supervisors to see if you are eligible to watch that movie, moreover pure sex sites available to attract customers!
Let us first agree that restriction is the opposite of freedom, if you are restricted from something this means you are not free to do it or you do need authorisation to do it and you might get this authorization but it can be denied as well!
Generally speaking not just in Egypt, but the middle east and many more countries sex is a restricted subject out of habits, religious restrictions what so ever, and the simple innocent question of a child: How I come? Is either ignored or answered unrealistic answerers that sooner or later the child will realise his parents foolish him or her! When a daughter asks her father a question its answer involves sex he will send her away to her mother to answer it and same happens when the son asks his mother, she will send him to his father to answer! In a society where children learn by heart the holly Koran sex is a forbidden subject not just restricted!
Side Note
This child that learnt by heart the Koran, does he/she understand the meanings of those words that adult fully educated persons need help to understand a word?
Going back to that young person -boy or girl- with the iphone, tablet, or laptop and internet access while exploring the net fall in to a sex site would he or she just leave the site or will continue exploring? Moreover, that person might as well take a note to pass on this information to his/her best friends!
Being on the internet means that person can read, and has enough intelligence to understand that watching sex movies and nudity is against all the norms of the society religious or non religious the person will hide away from his parents to watch that movie and because he could get away from his parents unnoticed he thinks or deep inside himself believes God too did not see him or at least His mighty will just forgive him, and little by little his believes are shaken if not destroyed, and will keep pretending he/she is very religious to fool the people that know him!
In brief restrictions lead to opposite results, restricting the truth from people on the long run proved to be a wrong policy and people got to know the truth and revolt!
Restrictions being the opposite of freedom means the restricted society is under a dictatorship imposed by politicians to keep their benefits or religious men to keep their positions as priests or whomever imposed a restriction proved to lead to the opposite direction and best example is the one I already exposed religious restrictions on sex made the Middle East and Arab world the highest percentage community that access sex sites!
In education there is NO RESTRICTIONS and if we need a change if we really want to rebuild Egypt we need to cange the way we think and to improve out thinking we need to improve our EDUCATION system and understand that no person has heaven keys! We need to know right from wrong, but mean time the teacher must understand he passes the world of God he is not GOD!
May God keep blessing Egypt and enlighten our ways of thinking!