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  • Wednesday ,15 October 2014

Unfortunately I believe him

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,15 October 2014

Unfortunately I believe him

If two people tell the same story in different ways, we usually believe those who have more credibility. Last week, journalist at Al Jazirah published accusations to the police in Masry al-Youm newspaper. Yet, he had more credibility than the police. Many people testified that he doesn’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and is not a liar.

When police lie and fabricate many charges for innocent people, we should feel sorry. Of course, they were right few times, but in fact, they’re losing credibility.

A journalist had written an article about police demolishing houses after its agents point out to them. Who knows this house has terrorists within it. They may be only at odd with them which gives them reason to avenge themselves.

A man announced in a video to go willingly to police and give himself up, but found killed later. Police said he was killed as terrorist. We don’t know whom should we believe.

Our police fights terrorism, but arrests political activists as well. They arrest members of the Muslim Brotherhood and releases them later, when other political activists remain in custody.  We don’t understand why!