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  • Tuesday ,21 October 2014

Supreme Electoral Commission calls on voters to update their data

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Tuesday ,21 October 2014

Supreme Electoral Commission calls on voters to update their data

The Supreme Electoral Commission has called for people to go and check their voter data to prepare for the upcoming parliamentary elections expected to be conducted before the end of the year, Sada al-Balad reported Monday.

Counselor Ayman Abbas, the head of the commission, issued a statement saying that all police stations and courts in the country are prepared for voters to come and update their information.

The coming parliamentary elections are supposed to complete the 2013 Roadmap issued after the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi, as the first and the second parts were completed with the new Constitution and the election of a president.

Many statements have been said about the elections by officials, including President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, who assured elections would be held before the end of the year during a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Egypt last September.

Political parties are now preparing their candidates despite a constituency districting law not yet being in place.

Salah Fawzy, a Mansoura University law professor and a member of the committee responsible for writing the law, said in statements to Al-Shorouq Monday that they only need about 20 days maximum to write it.

He added that they are going to meet within the coming days every day, and do not yet have a specific deadline to complete it, but hope to do so by November. “We will examine every article to be certain that it’s written completely correct,” he said.

However, Abdel Ghaffar Shukr, the head of the Popular Socialist Alliance, said in a different statement to Al-Shorouq Sunday that “according to what’s needed, the law can’t be issued before a month.”