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  • Thursday ,13 November 2014

Decision-making between improvisation and planning

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,13 November 2014

Decision-making between improvisation and planning

One of the most crucial decisions in the history of Egypt and the region was the decision of Sadat to travel to Israel 37 years ago. On that day, Sadat expressed his readiness to travel even to the Israeli Knesset. 

It was clear that Sadat has prepared for the visit with his friend Carter who sent a message to Sadat asking him to take a move and salvage the situation. 
It seemed to everyone that Sadat was improvising, but it was indeed planned. Sadat traveled to Romania and met with the Romanian president who was a friend of the Israeli Prime Minister then. Sadat had also discussed the situation with king of Suadi Arabia and Syrian president Hafez al-Assad. Yet, most of them refused to travel with him.
You may agree or disagree with his decision, but it was clearly planned. This is what really matters.  Moreover, he embarrassed the Zionist extremists. The Israeli opposition then supported Sadat against their government. They, furthermore, made peace initiatives in June 1978 and accepted what Begin wouldn’t accept at the Camp David treaty, thanks to the great move and plan by Sadat. 
Sadat success was witnessed by history as well as his enemies. The Israeli opposition respected and appreciated him. He played as a victories man as he told Begin during the Camp David talks. World's leaders invited him to support them prior to their elections to benefit from his fame. 
He was very clever as he studied the situation and moved quickly to achieve the best results.