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  • Tuesday ,18 November 2014


Naim Youssef

Article Of The Day


Tuesday ,18 November 2014

Of the most famous words of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, during his electoral platform that Egypt doesn’t only need “Steps of development ", but rather an economic leap forward."  Of course, everyone knows that such economic leap forward represented and supported by development projects, such as the Suez Canal project, should benefit everyone in areas like health, education and transportation.

However, they mostly have long-term affect. Therefore, we have to perform another leap forward which is the personal leap.  Such personal leap means that the individuals have to work harder in order to improve their skills and income which will affect the national income much faster. 

Eng. Hany Azer, an international Egyptian tunnels expert, said in a television interviews that Egyptians don’t work so hard and they don’t’ usually think while working how to improve their work. This is the opposite of German workers and causes great difference between the two countries.  Such personal leap takes a lot of work, effort and creativity from each person. This should bring progress to the individual and his or her community so soon. Yet, it takes a decision and will after all people in our country.