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  • Thursday ,20 November 2014

Killing hope

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Thursday ,20 November 2014

Killing hope

I think that we, adults, have lost confidence in one another, as we lost confidence in our political parties, words, and activities. Now, we doubt we’re able to achieve something good and inspiring. We don’t see something useful in one another anymore.

Therefore, we can only find hope in children. They have the ability to spread happiness everywhere when they play or smile. They don’t realize they are the hope of this nation to eliminate illiteracy and provide food and happiness as well. Yet, they are being killed every now and then by our hands!

The school bus accident in November 5 in Behira governorate is a good example of that, the accident in which 18 innocent children were killed was preceded by another in 2012 where 50 children were killed as well.

We professionally kill our hopes or even torture them like the scandal at Mecca Orphanage in Giza last July. A

ccording to a study prepared by Dr. Fadia Abu Shahba, twenty thousand cases of harassment and rape occur in Egypt each year, among which 85% are children. Moreover, UNESCO had announced that there are one million homeless children in Egypt.

According to the Central Bureau of statistics, 40% of the total population is deprived of education because of its high costs. 8 million Egyptian citizens are poor. Not to mention the poisoning incidents that kill many children as well. Seven large poisoning incidents happened this year only in which 134 children were poisoned.

How come we brutally kill our hope like nobody dares! I remember now the Israeli attack on a Egyptian school in April 1970, in which 30 children were killed. Yet, we killed 134 children in one year by poisoning and road accidents!