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  • Friday ,21 November 2014

The stupid media

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,21 November 2014

The stupid media

Egyptian media presents many kinds of anchors including those who raise their voices loud instead of presenting accurate information. This kind is most popular among the illiterate people. They receive huge salary giving many commercials aired during their shows.

The second kind is the expert who knows what to say and what to do. They are mostly boring with much less audience.

The third one is betrayal that has many examples and stars in Egyptian media.

For instance, Ahmed Moussa, anchor at Sada El Balad private TV, has interviewed Dalia Ziada who suddenly decided to resign from Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies. She disagreed with her master Saad El Din Ibrahim. Moussa was so excited during the interview.

I assure you that such resignation is not true as American agents lost their minds since Dr. Faiza Abul Naga took office, and decided to change their style and start defending Egypt and claim working for the good of the Egyptian people. Furthermore, the stupid media decided to present the traitorous as heroes. Soon, Dalia decided with her colleagues to establish another center like mini Ibn Khaldoun.

Dalia invited the Egyptian government to finance nongovernmental organizations in order to prevent foreign financing. Can you imagine? She also called for more American-style democracy in Egypt, which is another form of conspiracies against Egypt!