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  • Wednesday ,26 November 2014

Secrets behind Egyptian politics

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,26 November 2014

Secrets behind Egyptian politics

As soon as King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia, issued the statement of Riyadh seeking unity among the Arab countries, media decided to raise new slogans that Egypt is the bigger sister or mother of Arab countries that should forgive and excuse the mistakes of other Arab countries.

However, those who tried to burn and destroy Egypt and her army are still trying to demolish and kill. Qatar is still working hard to support enemies of Egypt.

Yet, Egyptian presidency welcomed the Saudi statement and rushed for reconciliation ignoring that the statement demanded the people before the presidency to accept the reconciliation.

Moreover, it ignored the rules for such reconciliation. Instead, it accepted the reconciliation at the time the Qatari satellite channel was cursing Egypt and spreading rumors about the biggest sister! The Qatari government welcomes and supports all enemies of Egypt.

I do trust the Egyptian government, but such reconciliation should be preceded by stopping Qatari attacks on Egypt and handing fugitive criminals over to Egypt as well as apologizing for too many crimes and insults against Egypt. This is the way to carry out real reconciliation.