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  • Friday ,28 November 2014

Some mixed emotions

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,30 November 2014

Some mixed emotions

We recently heard the news that Mubarak was acquitted of his charges. What I am wondering, however, is the reaction of the Egyptian people. Nobody can deny that Mubarak lead a terrible leadership through his dictatorship. However, as a see him now all I can picture is an old grandpa, needing rest and somebody to make him tea  in front of the TV.


in the 2011 January revolution, people fought hard for their rights and for the rights of their country. Nobody will fight the opinion that Mubarak had to go. But really, what is he the one who caused all those deaths? Wasn't he the one who sent out thugs to discourage protesters? I personally believe that he was responsible for torturing those poor protesters, but even though, I am not upset with the outcome of his trial. 


I feel as though anybody who is kicked out of their position has to endure a lot of embarrassment. I think it is punishment enough for Mubarak to have to live in Egypt where everybody hates him. Imagine going to buy groceries, imagine wanting to go for a walk. I can only think about how much the people give him a hard time when they see him on the streets.


for this reason and for the fact that I am compassionate towards him, I feel as though the Egyptian people are okay with his outcome of the trial. I'm sure for every one person who has compassion on him, there are hundred people who are absolutely angry with the outcome.  This may sound harsh, but anyways he only has a limited time left due to his age. I say, let the men live his last years in peace.


Egyptians are known to be caring and loving and welcoming towards all people. So I am not surprised that there were no protesters after the trial ended for Mubarak. It gives me faith that the Egyptian people still have some compassion although they are currently going through tremendous turmoil.